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Harvested at peak maturity to bring on those sweet juicy flavors. Nothing is better than a perfectly ripe peach that burst full of that taste we have all grown to love. White Peaches in contrast to a tangy Yellow Peach will have a very mellow high sugar taste to leads to a different flavor profile. As the season goes on so does are volume in Peaches which headline our Soft Fruit late program. 


Just imagine a sweet full flavor juicy peach and now take off that fuzz. That’s what our nectarine lineup is like. Starting in May and continuing on when most shippers have stopped in the fall, it is our nectarine farms in a small micro climate in the Central Valley that allows us to harvest fresh Nectarines two weeks later than most.  Available in white and yellow fleshes our Nectarine line-up has quickly become one of the best commodities we offer.


We have a huge array of Plums to offer into the market: Red Skin, Dark Skin, Green Skin, Red Flesh, Yellow Flesh, Mottled or not. All of our Plums are firm in texture and juicy in the interior. We offer Plums May through Thanksgiving with our Green Plum program in August becoming a customer favorite.


Cherries kick-off our Spring program harvested a week or so before our other tree fruit are ready. We take pride in providing the freshest cherries possible. This little piece of fruit is packed with health-benefiting nutrients and unique antioxidants.


This “super fruit” that is well known for its health benefit through its high level anti-oxidants helps headline our fall program. This fruit is used in a numerous amount of ways for juicing, topping or just breaking them open and eating those arils. Our season will start in the fall and run all the way through the winter.


Our highly touted Hachiya program will get off to an early start when most other shippers our two weeks away. The baking persimmon, Hachiyas will run from early October and will extend through the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush. Fuyus are the flat shaped variety that are eaten like an apple. Whether it is the cooking or the eating persimmon variety our extended availability is rivaled by none.


This ancient fruit is one of our fun Specialty items that round out the fall program. Quince are used for baking and has become trendy at restaurants with different paste that can be made from it. This items will start in the fall and sometimes be available early into January. We are one of the few shippers in the Central Valley that offer this specialty fruit that is hand packed from totes into tissue paper.


Sweet and Zesty on the inside and Brown and fuzzy on the outside Kiwi fruit is full of great flavor. Kiwi is full of Magnesium which is crucial to nerve and muscle function, as well as boosting energy levels. One Kiwi also has 20 percent more potassium than one banana.